Monday, September 16, 2013

Adding Audio (Particularly Vocals) To FL Studio

I finally did it! My first production with my vocals mixed into the beat. Sounds nice. But I gotto tell ya, it was a pain, for me, and all just because I use a USB Headset.

If you so happen to have the same problem, check out this video tutorial:

It worked for me, and it sounds great. The cool thing is that you can add and test your vocals in the program before you decide recording, instead of recording first, then adding affects. EQUO and Reverb are my personal suggestions. There are many other cool effects to add as well, like Fruity Filter. I like to make it sound old radio

Unfortunately for me, however, getting this thing to work somehow caused my speakers to stop working all together. Which makes testing exports a pain. I have yet to figure out how to get my speakers to work again, but I'll figure it out, somehow. Be forewarned though, in case you may experience the same issues.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FL Studio Export Issues

FL (Fruity Loops) Studio is a great, powerful program that is a favorite among producers, but like other programs you may experience some issues or glitches, which is, of course, a given considering that anything mechanical or electronic may have it's "malfunctions" or so to speak.

In this case it would be the export function. When I was finished remastering my "Old Style" beat, I exported it. Then, I listened to the newly exported MP3 to check for any errors and noticed that the fast 3 step hats in the 2nd/3rd chorus were missing. So I re-exported it thinking that would fix it and it still wasn't there. I checked the volumes, even increased volume just in case that was the issue. Nothing worked and I was left scratching my head.

I did some research and it seems to be a bit of a common problem with the program, but I couldn't really find any simple answers to the problem. Frustrated and impatient, I decided to take my own approach and I ended up figuring out for myself a very simple solution for this problem which should work for everyone else as well, regardless of if it's just a volume issue with an instrument/track or if the whole instrument is missing entirely, like in my case.

All you have to do is right-click the channel, scroll down and select "insert" and pretty much create a new channel exactly the same as the one you're having issues with. (Example: if your channel is an Autogun, create another Autogun.)

Next you, again, right-click the channel you're having the issue with. Select Edit > Copy and then paste the notes from the issue channel into your newly inserted duplicate. Make sure the instrument selection is the same, if not similar. Delete the channel you had issues with.

From here you make all your necessary adjustments like volumes and/or effects that you had placed on your now deleted track, then export MP3.

In short, all you're doing is replacing the track with a new one, which I guess kind of "refreshes" the data of the song you're making in the program.

I hope these tips have helped. Happy producing!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Difference Between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive

As a beginner in selling beats I must say I have quite A LOT to learn about the producing market. One of those things are leasing and selling exclusive. Now, a lot of you may already know what this is but this is for those of you who may not.

When I first signed up for an account on and uploaded mp3 files of my beats I saw two options for setting prices. Non-Exclusive simply means you're leasing the beat, so it sells over and over again and the buyer has limited rights to it's use. I knew that. Exclusive on the other hand kinda had me scratching my head.

I noticed other sellers priced "Exclusive" higher than the Non-Exclusive and I was just going to do the same thing because, well, as someone who also sells graphics, I thought it worked something like "Enhanced License" which pretty much gives extended rights.

I refrained from pricing it on exclusive, however, because I wasn't sure and had a "feeling" I wouldn't want to do that. (Thank the Lord above for those smart gut instincts, eh?)

Thankfully, later, I get an email from the website explaining the difference between the two, and it turns out my suspicions were correct, that selling exclusive means you're selling the RIGHTS, your ownership, meaning you will no longer own the beat. Therefore, I would think since you no longer own it that you could no longer sell leases of it either. You forfeit your right to sell that beat over and over. Sad thing about it is, I see a lot of people pricing exclusive particularly low!

If you want to make more money without just selling regular leases, then I'd like to suggest making something kinda like "enhanced license" or something like that where you give extended rights. If you want to sell exclusive on the other hand, then I suggest pricing it higher... MUCH higher. Like maybe $1,000 at least.

I mean, after all, if you can no longer lease that great beat you made out to people, then I'd think you'd want to get as much as you can out of that one purchase.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Music Is My Passion

Ever since I was a child my dream career has always been music, particularly singing. I was also very interested in creating my own beats to go with my singing, especially since I have family who produce as well. They were very much an inspiration to me and my interest in producing grew the more I listened to what could be created.

For a long time I used older programs and such to create my own sounds and I loved it. I very much enjoy hearing what comes from my own fingertips. The more I made the more ideas came to mind. I could hear one beat after another after another and feel the need to create them. It's like a part of me that I need to bring out or express. An art... Like I have a musical mind.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered I could actually make money online producing beats. (And I know I'm not the only one either.) So that's what brought me here.

Not only is this my blog but it is also my store. You may browse, listen, and, if interested, purchase what I have to offer. Please enjoy yourselves!